Kineta Bamboo Chasen Matcha Whisk – 10cm


The chasen matcha whisk is an authentic Japanese ceremonial tool made from organic bamboo. They are designed to produce a delicious green tea with a smooth, creamy texture.


Traditional Japanese Tea Ceremony Bamboo Chasen Whisk

Made from a single piece of bamboo and carved completely by hand, nothing gives a cup of matcha green tea the smooth, creamy texture it is known and loved for quite like a Chasen whisk. An important part of the Japanese Tea Ceremony for hundreds of years, these classically-designed Chasen matcha whisks have 100 prongs that curl inwards at the end to help froth up the tea as well as blend it.

Each whisk also comes with a tight knotted core in the middle that will loosen and eventually bloom the more that it is used. Traditionally, a bamboo whisk was replaced once its core had become unknotted, however, many matcha enthusiasts feel the open core enhances the Chasen’s already appealing aesthetics and will continue using it. As it is made completely from organic material, the time will come when the whisk will need to be replaced, but a well-looked after Chasen will last for quite some time.

When using a Chasen whisk, avoid pressing it against the bottom of the bowl as this will damage the prongs and lead to greater wear. What’s more, you can extend the life of your whisk by allowing it to dry out naturally and by not leaving it to soak in water. Purpose-made matcha whisk holders are available and undoubtedly the best storage solution, however, standing them up on their handle and not allowing anything to push against the prongs will suffice. Lastly, be sure to wash the whisk after every single use as the natural fibres will absorb any liquid left on them, which may affect the taste of any subsequent drink made using it.

Features of the Kineta Bamboo Chasen Matcha Whisk

  • Made from a single piece of organic Bamboo
  • Sustainably sourced
  • 100 prongs
  • Knotted core that gradually blooms after being used
  • Authentic ceremonial design
  • Creates a gentle foam & smooth finish
  • Essential for traditional Matcha green tea preparation
  • 10cm length


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