Jasmine Pearls Chinese Green Tea


Blend: Green Tea, Jasmine Blossom

Teapot Brew: 4g, 75oC, 2 minutes

Origin: China

Region: Yunnan and Guanxi Province

Grower/Farm: Li Jianguo

Reinfuse/ Steep: 3


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Jasmine Pearls so named because of the pearl form and iridescent shimmer, known in China as Mo Li Hua Zhu. Delicately wrapped by hand, a silvery velvet tea bud is encased in two tea leaves handpicked in the southeastern Chinese Yunnan province in early spring. Stored until late summer when the Jasmine flowers are in full bloom, the rolled tea is taken across the border to Guangxi, the “home of jasmine”. Jasmine blossoms are picked early in the morning when the petals are still tightly closed and kept cool until nightfall.

The tea is then laid out overnight and covered in a blanket of jasmine flowers, the jasmine blossoms naturally unfurl and emanate a sweet floral scent which is absorbed by the tea. The following morning doors are opened and the blossoms are blown off the tea by the wind and the process is repeated another three times until the tea is saturated with the intoxicating Jasmine flowers. Jasmine Pearl tea has a subtle champagne colour and imparts an intense floral flavour and light refreshing fragrance with tasting notes of heady jasmine, fresh honeydew melon and sweet hay.

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