Traditional Handmade Chawan Matcha Bowl – Black


Handcrafted using premium ceramic materials, this classic Chawan matcha bowl is black/ brown with black speckles. These are created through natural effects and unique reactions during the time it has in the kiln. Due to this, every single bowl is unique within its own right and therefore the bowl that arrives may differ slightly from that in the image.

What is a Matcha Bowl Called?

Traditionally a Matcha Bowl is referred to as a Chawan. This is simply translated as ‘tea bowl’. It is a bowl designed especially to enhance the flavour of the Matcha Tea you are drinking.

Is a Tea Bowl Necessary?

Whilst a tea bowl isn’t essential to drink matcha we highly recommend that you use a bowl of similar proportions to drink your matcha from. The wide base of the bowl allows the whisk to fully aerate the Matcha Tea which drives oxygen through it pulling out the flavours and sweetness of the natural matcha green tea.

Features Of The Traditional Handmade Chawan Bowl:

  • Black/ brown ceramic chawan with black specks
  • Perfect for whisking matcha green tea in
  • Handcrafted using traditional ceremonial designs
  • Suitable for drinking from
  • Aesthetically pleasing and an ideal display piece
  • 180ml capacity
  • 12.5 x 6.5cm (D x H)


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Ceramic Chawan Matcha Bowl

Handcrafted from high-quality ceramic materials, the bowl in which matcha green tea is prepared is known as a ‘Chawan’. Literally translating to ‘tea bowl’, the chawan is also drunk out of during the Japanese Tea Ceremony and is considered to be an essential chadōgu (tea tool). Complete with an aesthetically pleasing speckled glaze, these black tea bowls are incredibly decorative and can be used to create an attractive visual display while not in use; especially when accompanied by a Chashaku bamboo spoon and a Chasen matcha whisk.

Though used throughout Japan for approximately 700 years, the chawan matcha bowl actually originated in China. Its popularity in Japan soared during the Kamakura period (1185 AD –1333 AD) and is now as closely associated with Japanese tea-drinking culture as the cup and saucer are in the UK. Considering the tools traditionally used to prepare matcha green tea, it is little wonder why the ceramic chawan bowl, with its deep and wide design, became commonplace in Japan. Its size and shape, in particular, make whisking with a matcha chasen quick and easy, thereby ensuring the smooth, creamy finish that has made matcha green tea so popular.

With a capacity of 180ml, these chawan matcha green tea bowls are the ideal gift for Japanophiles and are made to be drunk from. The ceramic material used to make these matcha bowls is a fantastic insulator and allows users to hold them safely even when its contents are hot. Lastly, whether you’re using the bowl to prepare matcha tea, drink it or both, make sure you wash it thoroughly before and after each use.