Bamboo Matcha Tea Whisk & Spoon Set

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Traditional Chasen Whisk & Chashaku Spoon

Prepare your matcha green tea the traditional way with these authentic ceremonial accessories. Both made from organically grown bamboo, the Chasen whisk and Chashaku spoon have been part of the Chanoyu (Japanese Tea Ceremony) for over 1000 years.

Chashaku Tea Scoop

In many ways, the Chashaku tea scoop perfectly embodies the Japanese Tea Ceremony. An elegant tool for more civilised occasions, the bamboo Chashaku is not as random or clumsy as your everyday spoon. The very shape of the scoop demands a delicate touch and you simply cannot rush when using it. This encourages more deliberate movements and forces users to take their time, making it possible to fully appreciate and enjoy the moment.

18cm in length, the Chashaku may appear dainty but is surprisingly sturdy and hard wearing. Suitable for repeated use, these bamboo matcha spoons will last for as long as they are well taken care of.

Chasen Bamboo Whisk

One of the most recognisable and unique tea tools (chadōgu) associated with the Japanese Tea Ceremony, there is a lot more to the Chasen Whisk than meets the eye. Carved by hand from a single piece of sustainably-sourced organic bamboo, each Chasen has 100 prongs and a tightly knotted central core. This core loosens and blooms after several uses, creating an aesthetic effect that few other accessories can provide.

With a design perfected over a millennium, Chasen whisks produce matcha green tea that is smooth and creamy.  To avoid damage, don’t leaving Chasen whisks standing in water for too long and allow them to thoroughly dry out.

Features of the Bamboo Matcha Tea Whisk & Spoon Set

  • Set containing 1 x Chasen Whisk & 1 x Chashaku Spoon
  • Handcrafted from sustainably sourced materials
  • Authentic tea tools (chadōgu) for the Japanese Tea Ceremony (chanoyu)
  • Durable, long-lasting and easy to look after


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