Mao Jian Jade Tips Green Tea


Blend: Green Tea (Camellia sinensis var. sinensis ‘Long Jing’)
Teapot Brew: 4g, 75oC for 3 minutes
Origin: China
Region: Chun’an County, Zhejiang Province
Grower/ Farm: Farmer Weng Xiajiao
Reinfuse/ Steep: 3


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Handpicked from tea bushes high up in coastal Chinese eastern province of Zhejiang, Mao Jian Jade Tips green tea has a characteristically twisted shape and nutty aroma. ‘Mao Jian’ literally translates to ‘hairy tips’, which refers to the young pointed leaves and velvety buds that are selected during harvest. Grown in the fresh mountain air with atmospheric warm days, cooler nights and light rainfall the flavour is rich and concentrated.

Young, tender leaves are plucked from the bushes during the springtime harvest season. The fresh leaves are fixed to prevent the process of oxidation and are then lightly dried indoors to remove any moisture. Hand rolled in hot dry conditions, the tea master produces a green tea with a buttery floral sweetness and a green bean, nutty taste.

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