Pouchong Loose Leaf Taiwanese Green Tea

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Blend: Green tea: Camellia sinensis var. sinensis ‘Chin Shin’
Teapot Brew: 4g, 80oC, 3 minutes
Origin: Taiwan
Region: Pinglin District
Grower/Farm: The Feng family
Reinfuse/Steep: 4


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Grown from the Chin Shin variant of the Camellia sinensis tea bush in the Pinglin District of Taiwan, Pouchong tea is handmade by the Feng family. Harvested at the end of March and left under the sun to wither and release moisture the leaves are then panned and rolled allowing a light oxidation of only 8-10%. The rolling process gives the leaves their twisted appearance.

Referring to the practice of wrapping the leaves in paper to draw out moisture and prevent further oxidation Pouchong literally translates to ‘the wrapped kind’. Bursting with complex floral notes, Pouchong is best described as being somewhere in between Green Tea and Oolong Tea.  With a sweet buttery fresh flavour, Pouchong’s subtle hints of lily, peach, and edamame has made it one of Taiwan’s most popular teas.

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