Genmaicha Brown Rice Green Tea


Blend: Green tea: Camellia sinensis var. sinensis ‘Yabukita’, toasted rice
Teapot Brew: 3g, 80oC, 3 minutes
Origin: Japan
Region: Wazuka Prefecture
Grower/Farm: Obubu Tea Garden
Re-Steeping: 2


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One of Japan’s most popular green teas, Genmaicha green tea is a blend of Yanagi Bancha tea leaves and roasted brown rice. Sourced from our great friends at the Obubu Tea Gardens, this type of green tea is often nicknamed ‘popcorn tea’ and has a nutty aroma and a buttery sweet taste.

In ancient Japan, green tea was considered a luxury and was a relatively expensive commodity. To make it last as long as possible, the poorer members of society would add brown rice as a filler and in doing so, they created Genmaicha green tea. Despite its humble beginnings, Genmaicha has become an incredibly popular variety of Japanese green tea and is now drunk in all segments of society. This is no doubt due to its deliciously full nutty taste and earthy undertones, which cannot but remind drinkers of the rich flavour of popcorn.

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