Dragon Well Chinese Green Tea

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Blend: Green tea: Camellia sinensis var. sinensis ‘Long Jing’
Teapot Brew: 4g, 70-75oC, 2 minutes
Origin: China
Region: Zhejiang Province
Grower/Farm: Weng Xiajiao
Reinfuse/Steep: 3


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Long Jing translates literally as Dragon Well and is only grown in the eastern coastal Chinese province of Zhejiang. With its emerald colour and smooth distinctive flat sword like tea leaves, Dragon Well green tea is undeniably the most famous of all China’s green tea. Creating this exquisite tea requires a high level of skill and care. We source our high-grade Dragon Well tea from Zhejiang farmer Weng Xiaojiao who harvests his tea leaves from wild tea bushes growing on the isolated Chu’nan County mountainsides in the cool pure air.

The ancient bushes were abandoned by their original owner almost 40 years ago and are now left to grow unrestrained. These bushes have long roots reaching deep into the earth to absorb nutrients. Once picked, the tea leaves are hand pressed in a hot wok by the tea master to achieve their striking appearance. Dragon Well green tea gives a creamy, sweet hazelnut flavour and has a bright green liquor.

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