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Japanese Tea Ceremony Bamboo Spoon

An integral part of the Chanoyu, also known as the Japanese Tea Ceremony, a ‘Chashaku’ is a spoon designed to scoop up the ground green tea powder commonly referred to as ‘Matcha’. Approximately 18cm in length, these ceremonial tea tools, or ‘chadōgu’, may not appear to be the most effective implement for scooping matcha tea powder from a container, but there is a reason for this.

The Japanese Tea Ceremony is not something that ought to be rushed. In fact, the Chanoyu’s development was influenced in no small part by Zen Buddhism. While making the tea is the focus and overall goal of the ceremony, its preparation is just as essential and is often considered as something of a performance. The Chashaku spoon’s shape encourages delicate and deliberate movements, requiring its user to concentrate more attentively than they otherwise might when using a traditional spoon.

The precision demanded by the Chanoyu undoubtedly has qualities of Noh Theatre about it, explaining why it is often described as a performance in which the Chashaku matcha green tea spoon has a major role. Elegantly shaped and made to last, the best matcha teas are made when best tools are used, and what could be better than a purpose-made bamboo spoon with a design perfected over 1100 years?

Features Of The Chashaku Matcha Green Tea Spoon:

  • Traditional design
  • An essential part of the Japanese Tea Ceremony
  • Made using sustainably sourced bamboo
  • Durable and elegantly shaped
  • Scoops the ideal amount of matcha for a mug or bowl of green tea
  • 18cm in length


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