Tea-Masters Matcha Tea Gift Set

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The perfect gift for matcha lovers, the Japanese Tea Ceremony Set contains:

  • 30g of Kineta ceremonial-grade Matcha green tea powder
  • A bamboo Chasen whisk
  • A ceramic Chawan bowl
  • A Chashaku bamboo spoon


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Tea-Masters Matcha Tea Gift Set

Preparing matcha green tea is as much part of the enjoyment as drinking it is, which is why many matcha enthusiasts choose to rely on the tools traditionally used during the Japanese tea ceremony over more modern alternatives. Using the traditional tools and preparation method encourages relaxation and promotes calm, which is exactly the state of mind one ought to be in to fully appreciate the subtle flavour, natural aroma, and smooth, velvety texture of a warm cup (or bowl) of matcha tea.

Containing everything necessary to prepare matcha properly, the Kineta Japanese Matcha Green Tea Ceremony Set comes with a 30g tin of matcha green tea, a Chashaku tea scoop, a Chawan bowl, and a bamboo Chasen whisk.

Bamboo Chasen Whisk

Made from a single piece of bamboo, the Chasen matcha whisk has 100 prongs and is carved entirely by hand. Perhaps the most well-known and recognisable chadōgu (Japanese tea tool), nothing can create matcha tea’s smooth, velvety texture in the same way that a Chasen whisk can. Organic, sustainably sourced, and authentically designed, the bamboo Chasen comes with a knotted core that loosens the more it is used and blooms to enhances the whisk’s already attractive aesthetic qualities.

With a designed that has been perfected over centuries, matcha green tea prepared with a Chasen whisk will have gentle foam sat on top and a soft, even texture. To prevent damaging your Chasen whisk, avoid leaving it to soak in water and allow it to dry naturally.

Ceramic Chawan Bowl

Decorated with a grey speckled glaze, these black Chawan Bowls are made by hand and comfortably serve as decorative items when they are not being used to prepare tea. Traditionally, matcha green tea was also drunk from a Chawan, however, these days many drinkers will pour the tea into a cup or mug once they have finished making it.  These ceramic Chawan bowls have a capacity of approximately 180ml and are the perfect shape and size for whisking matcha green tea with the bamboo Chasen included in this pack.

‘Chawan’ literally translates to ‘tea bowl’, but they can still be used for eating and drinking other things from if you want to. Having said that, matcha tea has a very delicate flavour that can be easily influenced by the taste, smell and texture of other foods and drinks. Because of this, we recommend washing Chawan bowls thoroughly before and after each use.

Chashaku Tea Scoop

A delicate tool that forces users to adopt slower, more thoughtful movements, the Chashaku tea scoop is made from a single piece of sustainably sourced bamboo. Designed to pick up just the right amount of matcha green tea powder, the Chashaku spoon’s 18cm length and natural ergonomic shape make it comfortable for users to hold and manoeuvre. What’s more, they are surprisingly robust tools and you can expect to get a lot of usage out of them, so long as they are adequately cared for.

Kineta Ceremonial-Grade Matcha Green Tea

Grown on a family-run tencha tea leaf farm in the Aichi prefecture of Japan, each 30g tin of Kineta Ceremonial-Grade Matcha Green Tea Powder has been certified by the Soil Association. This ensures those who drink Kineta matcha green tea can do so safe in the knowledge that the tea they are drinking has been organically grown and is completely free from potentially harmful pesticides. The tea leaves used to make Kineta’s matcha powder have been patiently stone-ground to ensure the naturally occurring vitamins and minerals within are not damaged or diminished. As a result of this process and the fact that the leaf is consumed rather than steeped, matcha tea is one of the most naturally nutritious drinks available and can contain levels of antioxidants 137 times higher than that of other green teas.

Ceremonial-grade matcha green tea is the perfect drink to perk you up in the morning, as unlike coffee, the caffeine it contains is released slowly over the course of several hours. This not only prolongs the buzz you get after drinking a cup, it also prevents you from crashing once its effects wear off.

Features Of The Kineta Japanese Matcha Green Tea Ceremony Set

  • 1 x 30g Kineta ceremonial-grade Matcha green tea powder
  • 1 x Traditional 100-prong bamboo Chasen whisk
  • 1 x Handmade ceramic Chawan bowl
  • 1 x Chashaku bamboo tea scoop
  • The perfect gift for lovers of matcha green tea
  • Allows users to fully experience the Japanese Tea Ceremony
  • All made or prepared by hand

1 review for Tea-Masters Matcha Tea Gift Set

  1. Dean Wilby (verified owner)

    I recently bought this Tea set as a present for my girlfriend, we had some matcha but were struggling to use it properly. This set makes it really easy and fun to blend up the tea in the beautiful bowl before using it a variety of drinks. Well worth the money and a great addition to your life. Thanks to all at Kineta, we love it! 🙂

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