Kineta Cold Brew Tea Bottle – 550ml Glass


A stunning glass cold brew tea bottle with protective case so you can make and easily transport your cold tea infusions. Easy to use and easy to clean.


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Glass Cold Brew Tea Infuser Travel Bottle With Insulation Sleeve

Create your own matcha tea infusions with the Cold Brew Matcha Green Tea Bottle. Made using hard-wearing borosilicate glass (AKA ‘Boro’), these bottles will not expand or contract when exposed to extreme temperatures and can be safely kept in a fridge or freezer. This also effectively ensures the bottles are dishwasher safe, as there is no risk of them breaking due to the heat or pressure of the water.

Completely watertight and extremely resilient to damage, each travel bottle comes with a removable infuser that can be used to make cold brew tea. To create your own tea-infused beverage, just place loose tea leaves in the strainer along with an assortment of fruits, herbs and berries; such as ginger, lemon, grapefruit, strawberries and oranges. Once you’ve added everything you want, fill your bottle with water and leave it to gently infuse with the tea leaves, fruits, herbs and berries in the fridge. These Boro glass bottles can also be used to cold brew coffee, simply by replacing the loose tea leaves with ground coffee beans.

For the best possible results, let your drink brew for around 12 hours or at least overnight. This will give the flavours of all the ingredients a chance to mix with one another and allow the nutrients contained by each to be pulled out into the water.

Features of the Cold Brew Tea Infusion Boro Glass Bottle

  • 550ml capacity
  • Watertight and ideal for travelling
  • Made from Boro glass
  • Dishwasher safe
  • Comes with an insulating sleeve
  • Damage and thermal shock resistant
  • Includes tea infusion strainer

If you’ve never tried cold brew tea and would like to give it a go before making your own, give the Kineta Cold Brew Organic Matcha Drinks Taster Set a go. We’re sure you’ll be inspired by the three amazing flavours included in the pack.


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