Pouchong Green tea is a type of oolong tea originating from Taiwan. It is the most floral of all oolong teas and has a delicate, sweet flavour that is easy on the tastebuds.

This tea is subjected to the process of oxidisation in small amounts. This gives it a beautiful light-yellow hue and a flavour that is slightly stronger than your usual green tea but not as strong as standard oolong. Thus providing you with the best of both worlds. In fact, it is so close to green tea it is often sold under the green tea section. This is why we have included it as part of our specially curated range.  

What are the Origins of Pouchong Green Tea?

Also known as Bao Zhong in Mandarin, Pouchong tea is largely produced in Taiwan nowadays. However, the tea finds its origins in the Chinese province of Fujian. It is said that a tea merchant by the name of Fu-Yuan Wu brought it to Taiwan in the 19th century.

As it usually came in a special wrapping paper, this tea’s name means “the wrapped type.”

Mainly produced in the Pinglin district near Taipei, Pouchong tea is grown in some areas of Japan as well.

How is Pouchong Tea Made?

Pouchong tea leaves are mostly plucked during the spring season. Once picked, they are left under the sun to release moisture and wither. This allows for oxidation to take place.

After this, the tea leaves are typically wrapped in white cotton wrapping paper for the purpose of drying. This stops the oxidation process and removes any leftover moisture from the tea leaf.

What Does it Taste Like?

Baozhong oolong has a remarkably creamy taste with floral and melon notes. The tea leaves are beautiful, with twisted edges. These produce a light golden-green liquor with a taste that does not boast any bitterness.

The taste of Pouchong tea can be compared with that of some gao shan or high mountain oolong teas. However, it is relatively mellower despite being highly aromatic.

Health Benefits of Pouchong Tea

Rich in antioxidants and vitamins, there are a variety of benefits that accompany Pouchong green tea, with the most significant one being its antioxidant properties.

Studies show Pouchong tea’s efficacy in helping fight Type 2 diabetes and supporting weight loss. Moreover, the free radical fighting activity of Pouching green tea has shown to be more potent than that of black tea, which translates to overall better health when drinking this type of tea.

Thanks to being semi-oxidized – a factor that allows it to sit neatly between green tea and oolong tea – Baozhong tea brings in a wide array of benefits from both sides. It contains amino acids, catechins and other health-boosting compounds.

It also contains caffeine. However, the overall caffeine content is lower than your typical oolong. If you want to further reduce the caffeine content while still enjoying the amazing taste of Pouchong, using fewer leaves and steeping them for a shorter duration can help.  

With a taste that is appreciated by tea connoisseurs globally, Pouchong green tea seems like an obvious choice for anyone looking to dabble into the world of teas. Trust us, you won’t be disappointed!

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